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  1. Teh Hock Leong says:

    Hi dr

    Currently I having cervical Dystonia . I had this Symstoms allmost one year . My neck uncontrollably twist to other side .

    • mkleeneuro says:

      Dear Mr Teh
      Cervical dystonia is managed with medications and/or botulinum injection, after ruling out other causes of secondary dystonia.

  2. IFTIKHAR Ahmed says:

    Need some advise regarding my son namely Abdullah Iftikhar having fitts.I want to visit from Pakistan on 30th September 2018.I need an appointment please reply.

  3. Wern nee says:

    Hi Dr. Lee,
    I have been having skipped beats for 2 years now. And 3 months ago, I had lightheadedness when I walk. I am mostly fine when I lie down or sit down. Just when I started walking, I’d feel like I am going to fall down or faint. So 2 months ago, I had a cr angiography, ecg and holter test done. Result shows that I have a 30% blockage on my left main. My cardio said it wasn’t the cause of my lightheadedness. And the skip beats wasn’t severe as well. So I went home but for the 3 months the lightheadedness wouldn’t go away even with acupuncture or medication. I’ve got my ear checked by a gp. She said unlikely is my ear infection and told me I should see a neurologist maybe. I also notice my bp would go up to 140/90 when I stand up but when at seated/lying position it’s at 110/70. I don’t know where else to turn to now as i have spent a fortune trying to diagnose what’s wrong with me

    • mkleeneuro says:

      Dear Wern Nee, your doctors appear to have conducted very thorough tests to look for physical causes for your symptoms. Since these have drawn a blank, do consult your doctors whether diagnosis of Hyperventilation should be considered. It is a common, unrecognised cause of light-headedness. Causes include anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder.

      • Wern Nee says:

        Thank you Dr. Lee for your prompt reply.

        I’ll be seeing my cardiologist this friday and will bring it up and see what he says about hyperventilation.

        Wern Nee

  4. William Chan says:

    Dear Dr Lee, My wife is currently under treatment at the KL Hospital for hemifacial spasm (left eye twitching). She is has periodical botox injections. Is it advisable to go for neuro-surgery? Is neuo-surgery a permanent solution? What is the cost of this surgery. My wife is 63 years old.Thank you. William Chan

    • mkleeneuro says:

      Dear William
      Botulinum injection is a safe and established treatment for hemifacial spasm (HFS). If it provides effective control there is no indication to opt for microvascular decompression surgery (MVD).
      Although cure rates are good at around 80% (note that it is not 100%), this must be balanced against risk of complications which, although rare, are serious, namely deafness, stroke and perioperative death.
      Reference: Microvascular decompression for hemifacial spasm. Barker et a;/ Journal of Neurosurgery 1995.

      Best wishes.

  5. Trisha says:

    Good day Dr. Lee,

    My dad currently undergone a craniectomy operation and is currently in rehab/hospital for physiotherapy and acunpunture treatments and is on liquid feeding. He is in 2nd month post operation but however unable to move fully yet and has not regain full alertness level yet. May I have your advise when will be suitable for him to undergo the bone flap operation. Also will it be best to use his own bone? Will you/your clinic has such facilities for that operation to take place? Appreciate your advise and thank you Dr. Lee.

    • mkleeneuro says:

      Dear Trisha,
      Your queries pertain to technical issues which have to be assessed by the treating doctor. Regarding the proposed bone flap, his neurosurgeon is in the best position to make those recommendations.
      For info, I am a neurologist (or neurophysician) – and don’t perform neurosurgical procedures.
      Best wishes.

  6. Michelle says:

    Hi Doctor,

    I am Michelle from Penang. My 8 years old son diagnosed tics (vocal tic and motor tic) by psychiatrist Dr Lai Fong Hwa last month. Understand from Dr Lai, most of tics caused by family inherit with due to part of brain structure function abnormal caused movement disorder.

    As parent, it’s hard for us to accept this fact moreover is no cure illness. Dr Lai prescribed Arit MT pill for my son to calm his emotion for reduce his tics. This is sad…because the medicine content will increase when my son grow. The medicine will cause my son restless impact in long term medication. My husband and I decided to find other alternative and seek for 2nd opinion from neurologist since Dr Lai advise tics is related to brain nerve.

    I browse from online medical forum about tics after my son diagnosed to have this illness. Neurologist will be their refer specialist and only experienced neurologist who specialist in tics or TS would able to consult us and proceed necessary test needed to my son.

    Unfortunately your clinic not in Penang, else I definitely will bring my son to seek for your consultation. Would you able to advise me any neurologist in Penang is experienced to treat this illness?

    I suspect my son tics illness inherited by me. So far, I have problem for sudden left side of arm and leg lost strength and feel heavy hard to lift up and function normally. This symptom will last around one week then recover. I been to few neurologist in Penang but none of them able to tell me what caused me like after they diagnosed. This scary sudden weak bothers me since young about 10 years ago. I did annual check up and last 2 years went to executive screenings, so far no problem for heart and chrolestrol. I only fail in RA factor every year. I been to further test for rheumatoid test and result pass with no arithris. Can my own case consider as movement disorder and nerve problem?

    Looking for your expertise advise for above questions.

    Thank you.

    • mkleeneuro says:

      Dear Michelle,
      First off, I am sorry to hear that your son’s condition is causing you untold worry. You should know that the 21st Century is a better time than any other age (of course) for confronting medical conditions. We now understand more and more of the physical changes that cause disorders and can aim to formulate improved treatments, even cures. Equally important, the stigma which for so long had been mistakenly attached to behavioural disturbances, such as tics, is diminishing. Further, “Inherited diseases” should no longer be viewed as a generational curse – and we have taken for granted the vast number of good traits passed on to us.
      You need to examine the messages conveyed to you by the doctors who have seen your son as well as yourself. Is the extreme worry making you focus only on the negative information? There is always uncertainty at the edges of knowledge. I think you need to accept the limits of current understanding which the doctors have honestly conveyed to you. You may conduct periodic checks if you are still worried.
      Finally, I am not able to make recommendations on the expertise of specialists in your city. Do refer to your personal physician for advice.
      May the passage of time provide you with clarity and reassurance about the future for you and your son.
      Best wishes.

      • Michelle says:

        Thanks for your reply.

        I would like to focus for my son case multi tics disorder. I know there is no 100% assure and confirm to diagnosed any illness but is it a chance that my son tics able to recovery through treatment? If there is a chance then I don’t mind to travel as long as can help him.

        If I want to refer my son case to you, could you please advise how long I need to plan for first visit to your clinic and what kind of check up will recommend for him? Due to we travel to KL and need to take off day from school and company, so we need your advise for time allowance.

        Looking forward to your kind reply.


      • mkleeneuro says:

        Dear Michelle
        From the information posted, it is not likely that I can provide any further information / advice beyond what has been given by your child’s doctor regarding treatment of tic disorder. International treatment guidelines have been established for the guidance of practitioners.
        For your information, I am an adult neurologist. Children with tics are conventionally managed by psychiatrists, who typically combine medications with psychotherapy.
        Your child appears to be in good hands and there seems no point in endlessly seeking for more views.
        Best wishes for his therapy.

  7. Eric says:

    Hi Dr,

    I encounter neurotic symptoms such as easily to be in depressed moods, anxiety (always feel nervous) and relatively uncomfortable generally. Other symptoms are stutter (harder to talk like how I used to be, few years back), now i stutter a lot. Sometimes will feel headache and I feel like i can’t ‘control’ the pace of speaking anymore. This really frustrate me. Should I consult a neurologist for such symptoms? any other advices? Thanks.

    • mkleeneuro says:

      Dear Eric,

      The symptoms which you describe are usually due to stress and anxiety. The first step would be a general check up by your family Dr. in order not to miss common conditions such as thyroid or other glandular disorders, etc. You will then be advised on the next step.
      Stress / anxiety is managed by clinical psychologist or psychiatrist, depending on the grade of severity. Again, your GP is your best guide.
      Best wishes.

  8. Molly says:

    My mother is aged 74, vomited for two straight days. The clinic doctor said due to this, she got acid reflux.

    I noticed her hand shaking/tremor on the second day after she vomited. Doctor said this is due to dehydration and low blood sugar. However, the hand shaking/tremor is getting better day by day.

    May I know if it’s low blood sugar, how long it takes for the hand shaking/tremor to stop?

    I fear the hand shaking/tremor may due to malfunction of the brain. How long should I wait before sending her for neurologist checkup?

    If checkup needed, what would the test required?

    • mkleeneuro says:

      Dear Molly,

      Tremor is a response to a great number of physiological stresses, including cold, hunger, low sugar, pain, strong emotion, etc. This should settle once the provoking factor has been corrected. Allowance of one week would be ample for this to recover.
      Choice of test for persisting tremor is guided by the overall clinical evaluation.

  9. Vinushini says:

    Is there any solution to cure ‘ Neurofibromatosis ‘?

    • mkleeneuro says:

      Dear Vino

      There is as yet no cure for neurofibromatosis. The abnormal gene in NF1 results in the production of a nonfunctional version of “neurofibromin”, the protein that regulates nerve cell growth. Studies are on-going to deepen our understanding of this abnormal process. Only then can potential treatments be formulated and tested for efficacy.
      In the meantime, people with NF need to be on medical surveillance for problems which may arise.

  10. Timothy says:

    Hi Dr
    Good day to you. May i know the estimate cost to a left scan?
    Kind Regards

    • mkleeneuro says:

      Dear Tim
      You need to contact the hospital concerned for the costs of scanning. These vary from one hospital to another depending on the grade of equipment. Also, there are other variables, including body part to be imaged and need for injection of contrast medium.

      Best wishes.

  11. S.V. Arasu says:

    Dear dr I have been having this feeling of numbness and pis and needles from. My left leg thru left hand and to left side of my head. It is kind of warm at that time and it also affects my left eyes. It lasts for a while and stops and then comes back. I have stiff neck as well. My sugar level is 5.3-5.6 range and blood pressure Normal 180/83 pulse rate 63. I have gone thru angio and have three stents. Pls advise

    • mkleeneuro says:

      Dear Arasu
      Your symptoms are rather nonspecific, so a thorough analysis of your health condition is needed.
      Based on your info, we can rule out diabetic neuropathy.
      Many people get pins and needles sensation after prolonged immobilisation from pressure effect on their superficial nerves, e.g. upon waking up, or sitting for long hours at work or travel. However, this would not affect the head or the eyes.
      Eventually, after testing, a majority of cases are due to stress and hyperventilation.
      Do speak with your doctor to work out these possibilities.

  12. Wan Juliana says:

    Hi Doctor..
    Iam a 39 year old woman and have been suffering from jaw pain & slurred speech for the last 3 month.. i’ve done mri brain & ctscan.. the result was normal.. last 2 days i’ve met neurosurgeon at PPUM.. The doctor suspect it could be oromandibular dystonia..

    Kindly advise which doctor/hospital are recommended for me.

    • mkleeneuro says:

      Dear Juliana

      It is not possible to be certain of diagnosis from your limited information. Oromandibular dystonia causes involuntary movement of the lips and jaw, may also affect the tongue. Treatment consists of medications +/- Botox.

  13. Carol Sie says:


    My father is experiencing numbness in both of his legs since 7 years ago. Seen the doctor before but unable to diagnose the actual problem. My father took so many tests and medicines but it didn’t help. Please help. Thanks.

    • mkleeneuro says:

      Dear Carol
      Numbness of the legs can be due to many causes. If the standard tests are negative, a few rare conditions remain.
      For starters, he should be assessed for vascular problem (leg vessel blockage) and Restless Legs Syndrome.

  14. SIEW MEI says:

    I’m 27 years old. I have vertigo for 4 weeks and it still continue as of now. I feel dizzy whenever lying down or changing my sleeping position to left side. I have minor anemia since and currently taking Saferon iron tablet everyday. I doubt these dizziness is due to anemia because previously I had never feel dizzy and this is my first time having a long term of vertigo. I’m worried that my brain has affected these symptoms to me. Kindly advise which doctor/ clinic/ test are recommended for me.

    • mkleeneuro says:

      Dear Siew Mei

      Yes from your description, the dizziness could be vertigo. There are a number of causes ranging from the minor (most common, e.g. viral infection, migraine, ear disease) to the serious. Assessment by your family doctor should be your next step.

      Best wishes.

  15. Arvind singh says:

    Please contact me ASAP

    Thank you so much

  16. Marvis Kho says:

    Good day Doctor

    I’m Marvis, female, aged 27. I have been suffering from migraine ever since I was 12 years old. The migraine comes everyday for a month and this happens on a yearly basis. The migraine will go away once the next cycle of my period starts. I’m not sure what’s the trigger of the migraine because sometimes it comes before I go to bed. The migraine only last around one hour. N after that I feel very exhausted. There is throbbing on the back of the left side of my head n my whole left eyeball is very painful. I went to check my eyes, got myself a pair of spectacles, even went for acupuncture but nothing works. Kindly advise, Doctor.

    Thank you.

    • mkleeneuro says:

      Dear Marvis

      Recurrent migraine can be controlled in two ways: either by taking (1) effective medications as “rescue therapy” or in case of failure, (2) a course of preventive therapy using prophylactic medications.

      You should consult your GP for guidance about the above measures.

      Best wishes.

      • marviskts says:

        Hi Doctor

        Thank you for your reply.

        Just to update you on my condition. I was admitted to the hospital last two weeks due to the pain. I did MRI scan and also did blood test. The neurologist concluded that I have migraine.

        I was given Imigran 50mg, Vimovo tablets and also Apo-Amitriptyline 25mg. I still had the migraine when I first started the medication. But it was bearable. The pain went away faster too.

        The good news is I have not have any migraine for 3 days now! I still can feel the mild throbbing for few minutes but nothing serious.

        I will go back to the hospital for follow up 2 days later. Hope for the best.

        Thank you Doctor.

        Best regards.

  17. Shirley Lee says:

    Dear Dr Lee,

    I am a 54 year old woman and have been suffering from inner cheeks pain for the last 3 weeks. No visible wounds (or ulcers) just can feel some lumps with my tongue.
    Since last Friday, the pain intensity doubled/tripled over making it impossible for me to catch any sleep. I am using ice water to numb the pain.
    The strange thing is the pain comes and goes without warning.

    Thank you.

    • mkleeneuro says:

      Dear Ms Lee
      The severe pain you describe may be due to neuralgia (nerve pain). It is necessary to first rule out oral conditions; a visit to the dentist would be helpful.
      Neuralgic pain is managed with medications after ascertaining the causation.
      Best wishes.

  18. Fredda Joseph says:

    Dear Doc,

    I would like to seek your advise for my friend condition. He is experiencing acute pain at his left hand from shoulder down to finger. His finger and hand slightly swollen and been prescribe Celebrex but still no improvement. Is the symptom indicate that he has nerve problem.


    • mkleeneuro says:

      Dear Fredda
      From the limited information available, it is not possible to arrive at a definitive diagnosis. Conditions to consider include soft tissue injury, infection, and rheumatic conditions. Nerve condition is somewhat less likely. If there is no improvement, do consult with the GP to determine whether a specialist referral is advisable.
      Best wishes.

  19. My wife is 26 years old. From past few months she is having forehead pain only one side, eyes pain and vomiting. She is unable to eat anything during this period. If she eats anything it is causing vomiting.Here pain is getting sever day by day. Could you tell me what might be the actual reason for these symptoms? what food diet to follow if required? home remedy to control it?

    • mkleeneuro says:

      Dear Ankith
      Pain over the forehead and eye may be due to conditions affecting the head or eye.
      Although migraine is quite likely, given that it is the commonest condition affecting women, it is necessary to conduct a clinical examination to determine the precise diagnosis. Do consult your GP for an initial assessment.

  20. Bernice says:

    Dear doctor, my mother-in-law is suffering pain underneath her hip, then cramp down whole legs. She had admitted to one of the Medical Centre and did all the necessary check-up (such as MRI, X-ray and blood test) unfortunately unable to diagnose. Doctor mentioned got column press the nerve but that usually wouldn’t create that much acute pain.

    The feeling of the pain is like a “heartbeat”.

    Did you encounter such illness or symptom before and any advise?


    • mkleeneuro says:

      Dear Bernice

      To address your concerns, you need to review the clinical status and test results of your mother-in-law with the treating doctor. Pain in that region could arise from conditions affectig the bones, joints or nerves. At times, a period of observation while on medications is needed before the actual cause is revealed.

      Best wishes.

  21. Madam Ooi says:

    Dear Dr. Lee,

    My mom has abit numb on her tongue since 1 month ago. At first she thought could be due to her tooth decay. But after taken antibiotic and extracted tooth, she still feels her tongue abit numb specially in the morning and the evening time.Could you please advise what kind of specialist we can look for? Many thanks for your advice in advance.

    • mkleeneuro says:

      Dear Madam Ooi
      Numbness of the tongue is a nonspecific symptom.
      Do check with her dentist and GP to find out if there is a local problem.
      From this, you would get guidance on treatment and/or need for specialist referral.

  22. Ng Mei Wan says:

    Dear Dr. Lee,

    My name is MW Ng, monther of a son and his age now 7 years old. Recently i notice that my son on and off turning his head left and right. My son told me that this is beyond his control to stop turning head on and off.

    Fyi, we notice his eye blinking before he turning head left and right.

    I would be pleased if could get advise from doctor on this enquiry and any medication can help my son to cure this.


    Best regards.

    • mkleeneuro says:

      Dear Madam Ng

      Your son’s movements could be due to a variety of causes. As the first step, do consult his paediatrician.
      The diagnosis could range from the benign, such as habit spasms, to more concerning neurological conditions.

      Best wishes.

  23. Wendy Ng says:

    Hi Dr Lee,

    My girl has just gotten a seizure attack recently which she lost conscious and fell to the ground while she was having her lunch. Her body went stiff and jerk. Her seizure last around 2 mins. When she gained her conscious, we sent her to hospital for further test ie EEG and MRI brain scan.
    Her EEG test indicated her frontal lobe has higher electrical activity and MRI scan is normal.
    The neurologist suggested her to be put under medication.
    This was her second Seizure attack (she is now 17 years old) while her first seizure happened when she was 6 years old due to high fever on her first day fever.
    I like to seek your advice if it is a “must” need for her to start medication as we are concerned of the long term side effect of the medication, or do we have other preventive option treatment for her.
    Or would you suggest me to bring her to see you?
    Looking forward to your valuable advice to her health condition.
    Many thanks Dr Lee

    • mkleeneuro says:

      Dear Madam Ng

      Sorry to hear that your daughter had a 2nd seizure. You will appreciate that without a thorough evaluation of the clinical features and test results, it is not possible to offer any meaningful advice.
      You are kindly advised to seek further explanation / clarification from the treating neurologist to get a full understanding of the situation and the rationale for the proposed treatment.

      Best wishes.

  24. Andrew Wong says:

    I was at Pantai emergency other day as i was dizzy and the it’s like the world is spinning. Vomited and soiled myself because of that. Standby doctor gave anti vomit and anti dizzy plus betaserc 24. My first 3 symptoms was when i wake in the morning after very disturbed sleep. But the 4th one was at night after doing some work that involved climbing up and down a ladder. Could it be vertigo? I’m on half bp pills co-approvel 150mg alternate days. BP is under control around 125 80. Do i need to come see u as the doc did ask me to do further tests.

    • mkleeneuro says:

      Dear Andrew

      The medications given to you would be effective for vertigo. Causes include viral infection, migraine, ENT conditions and brain disorders.
      As advised by the Emergency doctor, further tests are advisable if the symptoms persist.
      Best wishes.

  25. Alan says:

    hi Dr,
    My wife is suffered with headache, which is feel like the eyes balls are popped out. She expericing Jaw and gum pains as well. The pains is like route to her cheecks. May i know what is this could be? What are the best treatment?

    Please advice.

    • mkleeneuro says:

      Dear Alan

      Your wife’s symptoms could arise from many structures, including the head, eyes, jaw (TM joint) or sinuses. She is advised to see the GP for a preliminary assessment. This will provide guidance on treatment and the need for specialist referral, and if so, to which subspecialty.


  26. Haslina says:

    Dear Dr Lee,

    I read and also watched on videos claims by some doctors that gluthatione (iv) are given to parkinson’s sufferers to help with their symptoms and overall wellbeing.
    What is your thoughts on this?

  27. silvester chung says:

    Dear Dr. Lee,
    Your ref. 16-0203 , Madam Lee Sui Meng.
    Thank you very much for your treatment on her on 29 June 2016.
    Being retired civil servant and financial constrain, sorry that she is unable to see you in August 2016.
    She is now treated by Dr. Lim at Miri General Hospital on 28.07.2016 and her next appointment will be on 20.10.2016.
    Thank you very much.
    S Chung.

  28. Ash says:

    Hi Dr Lee,

    For ET patient, I heard there is a new treatment called High-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU), which gave a positive feedback and the patient completely cured. Is this treatment is available in Malaysia? If it does, where can someone get the treatment?

    • mkleeneuro says:

      Dear Ash
      You are probably referring to this FDA approval advisory:
      Current treatments for drug-resistant Essential Tremor include surgery or radiofrequency ablation to destroy a specific part of the thalamus (the central processing station for sensation in the brain). This procedure is named Thalamotomy. An alternative treatment is Deep Brain Stimulation with the Thalamus as the stimulation target.
      In 2013, Focused Ultrasound was reported to be effective as a non-invasive form of Thalamotomy.
      Long term benefits and adverse effects are still under study (refer to FDA advisory).
      This equipment is not yet available in Malaysia.

      Best regards.
      Focused ultrasound is a completely non-invasive method of thalamotomy

  29. Aishah says:

    Hi doctor. It all started with the pain in my left side of head. First i thought it’s ear problem and went to columbia to check further but the doc inform that there’s nothing wrong with my ear.
    And after a while the pain stopped and now i’m having severe burning sensation at the back of my head (scalp) for the past 3 months.

    Went to clinic and they suspect it could be a neuro problem.

    Do i need to do a ct scan or mri scan? How much it will cost if i do in ur clinic.

    • mkleeneuro says:

      Dear Aishah
      Your symptoms may be due to a variety of causes, including musculoskeletal strain, inflammation, and stress, among others.
      Your clinic doctor would be able to advise on whether brain scan is needed, and if so, which type of scan.
      Best regards.

  30. Jay says:

    Hi Doctor,

    How much will it cost to do a MRI scan on my leg’s knee (RHS). I am been advised by the doctor i went to see in Damai Service hospital to get a MRI scan as i have encountered runner’s knee problem. I am an avid runner and i got this symptom lately, with severe pain on the lateral side existing while running on hilly area.But i can recover from this pain within 2 to 3 hours.

    • mkleeneuro says:

      Dear Jay

      Every hospital has its own rate of charges for tests including scans.
      Your doctor would be able to advise on the various scanners in your locality and also their imaging methodology (e.g. magnetic field strength, open vs. closed, etc).

      Best wishes.

  31. amira says:

    Dear Dr Lee,

    My friend is suffering from essential tremor maybe due to past accident that he had. Is there any hope to cure this tremor? Looking forward for your reply. Thank you.

    • mkleeneuro says:

      Dear Amira
      Essential tremor is usually idiopathic (= relating to or denoting any disease or condition that arises spontaneously or for which the cause is unknown). Perhaps it became more pronounced after accident. There is no cure, but severe symptoms can be relieved with medications, including beta blockers.
      Best wishes.

  32. Vivi Tan says:

    Hi DR Lee,

    Last night my father was attacked by a serious acid reflux, he couldn’t eat or drink this morning and afterwards vomitted several times. We admit him to emergency and his sugar level drop to 0.7. He was discharged in the evening after getting stable. However after we reached home, the acid reflux attack him again and this time his face muscle become uncontrollable, he keep blinking both of his eyes and his mouth was swinging to left and right. Both his hand and feet muscle cramp as well. This last for 2-3 minutes and everything back to normal after the acid gone down. The muscle uncontrollable happen each time when he is in pain with the acid. We are wondering if the muscle uncontrollable is a symptom of stroke? Would the pain of acid reflux trigger a stroke? He had stroke 13 years ago which affect right side of his brain.


    • mkleeneuro says:

      Dear Vivi
      Pain and discomfort are associated with reflex spasm of the muscles and contortion of the face from emotional suffering.
      It is rare for pain by itself to trigger stroke, unless blood pressure is already high and not under control.
      The best option is to achieve sufficient control of the acid reflux.
      Best wishes.

  33. Mohd Fahmi Mohd Salleh says:

    Hi Dr Lee,

    How much does it cost to perform NCS to determine Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

    I went to govt hospital but need to wait for 2 months until I can perform the test.

  34. Nic says:

    Dear Dr.

    My husband found out he have lumbar issue at spine recently and last week he suddenly suffer for severe headache around head, neck and around eyes area (include back of the eye ball). Dr in sunway did MRI scan and xray and confirm it is low pressure headache.
    Dr suggest him to do epidural blood patch. Can you please advice if this is 100% effective? What will be the risk for doing that? Do we need second advice in this case?

    • mkleeneuro says:

      Dear Nicole

      Epidural blood patch is indeed one of the treatments for low pressure headache caused by cerebrospinal fluid leak. As for questions regarding the choice of treatment, its success rate and associated risks, these should be directed to the treating doctor. Rates of success and complications are obviously dependent on the skill and experience of the doctor.

      Best wishes.

  35. Jessie says:

    Dear Dr Lee,

    My husbands was suffering from headache for past 5 years but didnt get treatment. Last year he was attack with epilepsy twice. Since that till today 3 times in a week he will behave abnormal and aggresive and my GP said it might be partial complex epilepsy. Sometimes he will be fine if he slept for hours but sometimes uncontrolable. Normally he would’t recall what he did earlier. I call up your clinic they said you will refer to pantai bangsar for EEG, is it expensive cause govt hosp give us one month appointment but i want to solve this immediately.


  36. Irene Teo says:

    Dear Dr. Lee,
    My mother is 85 yrs old. She suffered Epilepsy since 2014.That time her right arm is out of control.She was dignose as seizure by Hospital Tan Tock Seng in Singapore. They give her Epileen to control her seizure. Last Month, both her hands start trembling after she felt hot flush and she was admited to HUKM .She is again attack by seizure.After she has been discharged,she still trembling at night and easily gets hungry and worries. Do we need to bring her to consult doctor Neurologist again?

    • mkleeneuro says:

      Dear Irene

      Yes, your mother needs repeat clinical assessment if her condition is not stable. Your doctor needs to establish whether the new symptoms are due to recurrent seizures or some other process such as low sugar, systemic malfunction or anxiety. High dosage of medications is another cause of tremor.

      Best wishes.

  37. David. says:

    Dear Dr,

    Need your advise as my wife is having serve headache at the top of her head on and off for almost 1 month. The other symptoms that she have is her nose is cold and sometimes she may have some difficulties in breathing as well. Would need your advise what shall we do as she did consulted the normal clinic and there is still the same after some medication.

    Your advise is much appreciated.


  38. David. says:

    Dear Dr, my wife is suffering from severe headache at the top of her head and she also do have a cold nose that sometimes cause her to have breathing difficulties. Would appreciate if you could advise is there any treatment or any scans needed to be done?


    • mkleeneuro says:

      Dear David

      On first impression, sinus headache due to sinus infection is a possibility.

      Nevertheless, your wife’s symptoms deserve to be assessed by a doctor before any decision about scans or treatment.

      All the best.

  39. Basir rahman says:

    Dear dr, my wife is suffering from severe headache at the back and top if the head. She has a history of being beaten by his father when she was in school.
    Do you recommend ct scan and does this help to analyse her problem.

    Thank you


    • mkleeneuro says:

      Dear Encik Basir

      Headache can be due to a variety of causes, including migraine and tension headache as well as other medical conditions such as anaemia and even hormonal conditions.
      In general, complications of head injury are unlikely to surface later than one year after the trauma.

      Best wishes.

  40. William Chandra says:

    Dear Dr Lee…..
    My mom (69 years old )got stroke and already checked by our Doctor (Our family) and she can move a little now.
    He(our Doctor) recommended us to take our mom to check through MRI and Angioplasm to make sure that there is no more deep vein thrombosis in her head. because at december 23, she has an appointment with her eyes doctor to check her eyes every 3 months. so we want to make sure that there is no side effect with her eyes
    so we will go to malaysia at december 20. can i make an appointment
    thank you DR

  41. Ms TS says:

    Hi Doctor,

    My mom had inflammation in the nerve of her eye in 1998. One of her eyes could not see but after taking steroid, her vision was fully recovered. However in 2012, there was a relapse. Her vision now is blurred and darker. Besides, my mom also felt tingling and numbness on her arms and legs once a while. Recently, she is experiencing dizzyness (surroundings are spinning) very often. When this happens, she will sweat (cold sweat). She went to see ENT specialist and she was told that those were symptoms for ear liquid imbalance. I’m quite worried that all these symptoms may lead to something serious – multiple sclerosis that i read on articles. My mom had bladder infection some years back. She also couldn’t sleep easily as she claimed that she can’t help but keep thinking of issues.

    How can I be sure that my mom is not diagnosed with multiple sclerosis? Please advise. Thanks.

    • mkleeneuro says:

      Dear Ms TS

      Your mother should have reassessment by the eye specialist. The cause could be relapse of inflammation or another eye condition. Treatment can then be prescribed. Clarity about the the status of her vision may allay her worries. Thereafter, if any symptoms remain, they can be assessed according to their merits.

      Best wishes.

  42. Afiqah binti mohd mansor says:

    Dear dr lee, i am a patient(27years old).
    I want to ask about pain in the wrist .. before, this the pain is not serious.Before pregnancy until delivary the pain is increasingly felt . I have been trying go to massage but the feel lost for a while .. when a misstep like opening the tap water he felt extreme pain .. what your opinion doctors ?

    • mkleeneuro says:

      Dear Afiqah

      Pain in the wrist may be caused by a number of conditions, including Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, tendinitis and arthritis. You are advised to consult your obstetrician or family doctor to obtain a precise diagnosis and to seek relief from the pain.

      Best wishes.

  43. mkleeneuro says:

    Dear Sir

    Meniere’s disease is managed by ENT specialists. You can be presribed treatment for the acute attacks as well as chronic symptoms. Surgical ablation is only considered when the hearing of a particular ear is substantially lost.
    Please request for referral to the appropriate specialist.
    Best wishes,

  44. mrkmobile says:

    Dear Dr lee, i am a patient[30yrs] of
    Meniere’s diseage since three year. I have got nonstop tinitus in my left ear for last two years. I have meet several doctors but no one can reduce this tinitus. I got menieres attack about three times a week. Very severe attack with nausea and vertigo, i lost my balance and fall down. This diseage ruin my life day by day. Would please do something for me? How could the tinitus and vertigo can reduce? Does any cure for it or any operations?

    • mkleeneuro says:

      Dear Mr Mobarak

      Meniere’s disease is treated by Ear, Nose and Throat Specialist. Do consult your specialist about the latest up-to-date measures for your debilitating problem.

      Best wishes.

  45. shan says:

    hello, my mum is a diabetic type ii patients, for the past 7 month she had pain on her legs (burning sensations, numbness, pin and needles). we had visited several dr’s, where they only ask to continue neurobion and mecobalamin, but the symptoms does not move away. nowdays she say, she feels numb from legs to chest. what should we do now?

    • mkleeneuro says:

      Dear Shan

      Your mother needs to be assessed for possibility of neuropathy. In her context, diabetic neuropathy is highly likely. Treatment will be determined by the diagnosis. Do consult her doctors as to the exact cause for her complaints.

      Best wishes.

  46. jason says:

    Dr there is blood in my semen after i masturbate do i need to do a checkup? Is it serious ? I am living near sunway how to make an appointment to check?

  47. Gireetharan says:

    Hi Doctor .

    Need to ask you something .My mum suffering from hand pain about 6 month back.

    When check in clinic and general hospital they inform that my mum need to find neuro doctor and they just gave her painkiller.

    She is suffering from hand pain and numb felling before and after wake up from sleep.She already loose her aplomb cos of the pain.

    Can you help me out from this .When can meet you doctor.If possible we can make and appointment.

    Thanks a lot and looking forward for your reply.

    • mkleeneuro says:

      Dear Mr Giree
      Please contact the clinic staff for appointment to assess your mother’s condition. Causes to be considered include neuropathy, carpal tunnel syndrome and arthritis, amongst others.
      Best wishes,

  48. Elvin says:

    Dear Dr. Lee
    I am 23 years old. I have suffered from these strange symptoms.It all started in the early of 2014. The first symptoms I realize is when I have the feeling of involuntary and constant contraction at the bladder(lower abdomen) part and very excessive urination(every 10 minute) even without drinking much water and I need to urinate every morning when I wake up with urgency. After a week from that, I started to have a weird feeling in my head when I wake up in the afternoon one day. I feel like I am not fully conscious and blurry, dizzy or should I say drunk(not sure how to describe). I also feel a high pressure build up in my head whenever I squeeze myself during passing motion and sneeze. Recently about 1 month ago, I started to have problem in passing motion, constantly having the feeling of needing to defecate. I suspect all of these is related to my brain. I am really upset and feel devastated.So much of these problems came to me in such short time. I have consult doctor from the general hospital but they say everything is normal. I hope that you can assist me on this matter. Appreciate it very much.
    Thank you,

    • mkleeneuro says:

      Dear Elvin

      Your symptoms are rather nonspecific and cover quite a few organ systems. As such, it is not possible to provide any accurate assessment. If the tests done for you were indeed normal, you could consider stress and exhaustion as other possible causes.

      Best wishes.

  49. Aina says:

    Dear Dr Lee,

    My dad is suffering tingling and numb sensation at both of his leg continuously since 1 year ago.
    1. Once a week(since 4 months ago), he will encounter muscle cramp(shaking) that last 5-10mins on his left leg
    2. During sleeping(since 2 months ago), he will encounter multiple muscle cramp at right hand.
    3. Last week, his left hand/leg started weakening. He is unable to button his shirt and have difficulty to wear shoes. He still can walk and drive.
    4. For the last two months, he is taking therapy for degeneration at low part of spine.

    Hope you can share your expert advise.

    Thank you.

    • mkleeneuro says:

      Dear Aina

      Your father’s symptoms are nonspecific and require clinical assessment and further tests. Do arrange for a neuro evaluation to define the problem and plan for treatment.

      Best wishes.

  50. shereen says:

    Dear Dr.Lee,

    In April last year, my husband was complaining of pain, discomfort and at times burning sensation around the right side of his waist all the way down his scrotum area, We thought that it was something related to kidney/ urinary tract infection. However, after seeing a urologist, there was nothing wrong with his urinary tract or kidney. He was given a medicine named Neurobion. Until this day, the pain is still there on and off. Would it be something related with nerve injury such as Sciatic or PN? Is there any treatment for nerve injury? The urologist advised him to go for a MRI scan as well as to seek a neurologist. Hence, may I know roughly how much is the cost of a MRI scan today? Besides that, for a scan on the abdominal region is it a must to have a contrast MRI scan? Hope to get your response and thank you in advance.


    • mkleeneuro says:

      Dear Shereen

      The pain as described could arise from a variety of causes, including soft tissue injury, musculoskeletal strain, spinal conditions and nerve disorders. As such, your husband needs a thorough clinical assessment by neurologist, in order to determine whether tests are needed, and if so, which modalities.

      Best wishes.

  51. jkheng says:

    Dear Dr.Lee

    I’ve been suffering for migraine for the past 8 years since I was 13. The headache usually occurs on one side of the head, either left or right. And it usually needs half of a day to recover if without consuming any medicine or injection, but it won’t go longer than that. The period of attacking is usually on a monthly basis, probably once within two or three months. Below are the common symptoms of the migraine that happening on me:

    Temporary loss of part of vision
    Numbness. Numbness usually starts in the hand, travels up the arm, then involves the face, lips, and tongue. The leg is sometimes involved.
    Slurred speech
    Feeling cold
    Poor concentration
    Sensations to voice and light

    I’ve tried for acupuncture before, it did delay the attacking period and shorten the duration of headache, however, it can’t cure the illness radically. In fact, Dr. Ng Kong Hai from Klinik Rakyat recommended you to me, and he suggested me to have a MRI scan. Do you suggest me to take the action? We can schedule a date for meet up if possible. Thanks!

    • mkleeneuro says:

      Dear Mr Heng

      Your clinical description is consistent with classic migraine (aka migraine with aura). Generally, longer duration of symptoms is associated with benign conditions, hence the multi-year history of your symptoms is rather reassuring.
      Based on International Headache Society (IHS) criteria, you should consider migraine prophylaxis with medications which suppress these recurrent disabling attacks. Do discuss this with your doctor.
      Finally, regardless of patient statistics, if you have a worry that there is some other cause for the headaches, for reassurance, MRI scan can be considered.

  52. jkheng says:

    Dear Dr.Lee,
    I’ve been suffering for migraine for the past 8 years since I was 13. The headache usually occurs on one side of the head, either left or right. And it usually needs half of a day to recover if without consuming any medicine or injection, but it won’t go longer than that. The period of attacking is usually on a monthly basis, probably once within two or three months. Below are the common symptoms of the migraine that happening on me:

    Temporary loss of part of vision
    Numbness. Numbness usually starts in the hand, travels up the arm, then involves the face, lips, and tongue. The leg is sometimes involved.
    Slurred speech
    Feeling cold
    Poor concentration
    Sensations to voice and light

    I’ve tried for acupuncture before, it did delay the attacking period and shorten the duration of headache, however, it can’t cure the illness radically. In fact, Dr. Ng Kong Hai from Klinik Rakyat recommended you to me, and he suggested me to have a MRI scan. Do you suggest me to take the action? We can schedule a date for meet up if possible. Thanks!

  53. af1993 says:

    3 weeks ago, i had this weird problem where i wasnt able to understand what i read..i was having a hard time connecting and processing the words..not just my study but even in my everyday’s conversation..and i tried reading newspapers but also unable to understand..i had to re-read for so many times and it was like short term memory loss..

    after that it gets better..and i’m able to understand and process what i’s just that there are days where my left hand feels tingling/weak and i often feels pressure inside my head..headache at the back of head, near neck..sometimes i feel fatigue and i notice that i sleep a lot than before..sometimes out of sudden i cant understand what i read (previously it happened for a week, but this time it only occurred for a short time)

    people are saying that i’m just stress but this really bothers me (though it’s not yet to the point of severe) and i was wondering whether i should go to neurologist..


    • mkleeneuro says:

      Dear Fifah

      Your symptoms are nonspecific and may well indeed be due to stress / fatigue. However, if in doubt, do consult your family doctor for advice.

      Best wishes.

  54. WANDA says:

    Dr Lee, my daughter had her MRI scan 2 days ago and found out she has lesion in her spinal canal at the T11-12 measuring 19mm in height and 17 x 13 mm in the axial plane. Understand that she needs operation. can you explain how dangerous is the operation and can you handle her case and how much will it cost.

    • mkleeneuro says:

      Dear Wanda

      Kindly be informed that a complex situation like your daughter’s cannot be discussed online. She needs a thorough clinical assessment by a neurosurgeon (and not a neurologist). Only then can treatment and cost be discussed. Therefore do please consult the neurosurgeon for a proper evaluation.

      Best wishes.

  55. Lim seong keat says:

    Dear dr.lee
    Can i know spinal accessory nerve injury will recover back o not ???

    • mkleeneuro says:

      Dear Mr Lim
      Prognosis for recovery from nerve injury depends on the type of damage:
      – Neuropraxia: the nerve is “stunned”; damage is temporary
      – Axonotmesis: there is complete interruption of the nerve axon (nerve fibre which conducts electrical impulses away from the nerve’s cell body) as well as its myelin sheath while the surrounding support structures are intact; recovery is possible
      – Neurotmesis: complete division of nerve; no recovery expected.
      Best wishes.

  56. Connie Chen says:

    Dear Dr. Lee

    My mother is 67 years old. In the past 2 months, she felt unbalance of her body and tend to fall down easily, weakness of both leg only able to walk very short distance. lately she even cannot control of her urine. Can I get your opinion what is the diagnose possibility with all those symptom I mentioned above?

    Connie Chen

    • mkleeneuro says:

      Dear Ms Chen

      Falls in the elderly can be due to a number of causes besides neuro conditions. These include musculoskeletal problems, weakness due to generalised medical conditions, and medication effects, just to name a few. Do get her assessed by her GP, in order to pin-point the problem.

      Best wishes.

  57. ziarat khan says:

    Dear Dr.
    I am having problem of dizziness and always having feeling of un balance like going to drop.
    I have this problewm all the time,i get very tired,i have this problem for more than 15 years.
    10 years ago hkl done ct scan and said all okay.
    I get very anxious everyday ,scared if i dropped ….i some time envy the thing that all the can do ..enjoying….i dont get the enjoyed feeling at all…always feeling sick…everu 2 weeks i will visit the clinic,they always check and says blood pressure is normal….they always give me dizzi medicine and sometimes xanax or leprozem….
    Feel really frustrated having this feeling everyday….
    Thank you

    • mkleeneuro says:

      Dear Ziarat

      With your lengthy history, it is not so likely that you are suffering from a progressive and dangerous neurological illness. Such chronic symptoms may be due to vestibular problems such as Meniere’s Disease. Alternative causes include free-floating anxiety or panic disorder. Do discuss these possibilities with your doctor. If the condition can be identified, proper treatment with medications and/or cognitive psychotherapy can produce lasting benefits.

      Best wishes.

      • ziarat says:

        Dear doctor,
        Still having the issues…
        I visit my panel doc ..still check says all is normal…
        No any test done only blood preasure test
        Having the feeling like dropping…
        Could it be balnce dissorder…
        Any cure…
        Feeling frustrated,cant do normal like normal person.

        Is it expensive to do test


      • mkleeneuro says:

        Sorry to hear you are still unwell. Yes, the tests are expensive and several types may be needed since your symptoms are not specific.

        Since you have a prolonged history of symptoms, do consult your doctor whether you are considered to have any risk of medical illness or the cause is longstanding stress or exhaustion.

        Best wishes.

  58. ahmed says:

    DEAR,DR.lee i have problem of brain always i feel pain from brain even it cuase my speech . is is hard for me to speak right now i can,t speak very well beacsue of it. and also level of my think lower than before. moreover i am forgetful. also i am very nervous. thanks

    • mkleeneuro says:

      Dear Mr Ahmed

      Your symptoms need to be assessed by a doctor to determine the cause. This may be due to migraine, stress or more serious problem. You should consult your family doctor for advice. Based on the clinical features, you will be advised on the necessary action.

      Best wishes.

  59. Chong Poh Kong says:

    Dear Dr. Lee,

    My name is PK Chong, father of a son and his age now 12yrs old. Recently i notice that my son on and off turning his head left and right. His left hand muscle jerking also. Before that, he told me he got headache and turning head to relief pain. However, now he said no more headache but beyond his control to stop turning head on and off.

    Fyi, we notice his eye blinking before he turning head left and right. But eye blinking no longer after that.

    His hand jerking started from early age but he said is doing by his self.

    I would be pleased if could get advise from doctor on this enquiry.


    Best regards.

    • mkleeneuro says:

      Dear Mr Chong

      Repetitive movements may be seen in children at various ages. The cause may range from benign habit spasms to more extensive tic disorders. You are advised to consult your son’s paediatrician (who would be familiar with his condition) on whether there is cause for concern and specialist evaluation is indicated.

      Best wishes.

  60. abdi Farah says:

    Dear Dr. Lee,

    my mom she is 73 years old. she was healthy and worked a farm and doing well except we had to monitor he diabetes. she used to complain about her hand and after a while, her hand started shaking. In span of a month my mom was shaking including her jaw and she is not feeling her right leg. now she is losing her voice. we want to bring to your clinic in about two weeks. What do you thing this decease is and how bad it can be to my mom in another two weeks before she comes to you.


    • mkleeneuro says:

      Dear Farah

      Thank you for your enquiry. The symptoms are rather suggestive of Parkinson’s Disease, but it is not possible to make a definite diagnosis of your mother’s illness without a clinical check-up. If you are worried about her present condition, I would suggest that she gets a check-up by your family doctor or general practice doctor some time soon.

      Best wishes.

  61. I am having headache last 10-15 years need treatment

    • mkleeneuro says:

      Dear Mr Khandaker

      The management of chronic headache requires clinical assessment and review of imaging and any other tests which have been done. If it is diagnosed as Chronic daily headache (CDH), a prolonged course of pain management is needed.

      Best wishes.

  62. Janice says:

    Dear Dr. Lee,

    My mum at the age of 60 and encountered severe pain at her lower legs for about 7 to 8 months. At first was one leg and now both legs. The worst time is in the morning when she wakes up. She can’t stand or sit too long, can’t walk too far.

    We have approached orthopedic specialists in Pantai Cheras and Gleneagles but the medication given not helped. We later switched to Chinese medication but also not worked.

    Her both legs also getting thinner due to losing weight although her daily diet is as usual. we worry could it be muscular or neurogenic atrophy.

    Should we approach neurologist or which specialist would help to find out the root of the pain?



  63. Wan Haslina says:

    Dear Dr. Lee,

    About a month ago, I fell in the bathroom and suffered head and neck injury. I went to see an orthopaedic specialist and had an X-ray done. The specialist said there was no fracture detected, only slight swelling inside the brain and he said the pain would disappear in 3 weeks’ time. In the last two weeks or so, I have had recurring migraines and in the last few days, the pain had become so intense lasting for more than several days causing nausea and dizziness. Would it be advisable for me to see you or continue taking pain killers? Would I need to do a CT scan and if so, how much would it cost? Please advise. Thanks.

    • mkleeneuro says:

      Dear Wan Haslina,

      Thank you for your enquiry. Your specialist would be able to advise you whether you need to have brain scanning. The charge for CT scan is around RM 500 in the Klang Valley.

      Best wishes.

  64. John Yap says:

    Dear Dr. MK Lee,
    My wife, 35 years old, is having unbearable pain on her left shoulder, arm to fingers and she described the pain as not merely needle poking but deep into the bone. She has a very high pain threhold where she never use any pain killer during her delivery of babies. MRI with contrast concluded nerve sheath tumour involving the left C7 nerve root and cervical spondylosis at C5-C6. Currently the specialist in charge is an Orthopaedic Surgeon, he prescribed myonal, neurontin and neurogen E. My wife is taking them for the past 2 days but the pain does not relief and she hardly able to fall sleep.
    We felt like being declared of sentence to death when we read the MRI report – tumour. We are truly worry about this tumour and have no idea if it is a benign or malignant. How do we know it is a Neurofibroma, Neurofibromatosis, Schwannoma, or those –sarcoma type? Biopsy is the only answer? The Orthopaedic Surgeon called a Neurosurgeon into his office to provide some opinion. He suggested taking the pain killer (on long term basis) and if the pain is truly unbearable, consider for removal through surgery. He also explained the risk associate with the surgery procedure where it prevents my wife to opt for surgery removal. The procedure also involve trimming of the cervical bone in order to reach the nerve root. How would this affect the future movement?
    Well, usually surgeon would prefer surgery procedure. But I would like to seek for alternative advice before I let my wife to undergo such risky operation…
    Thank you.

    • mkleeneuro says:

      Dear Mr Yap

      Very sorry to hear of your wife’s situation. In general, tumours in the spine need to be removed surgically as they will not respond to medications. This applies whether the tumour cells are benign or malignant. Of course malignant tumour will need more urgent action to prevent enlargement and spread. The scan imaging may provide some idea whether the tumour is benign or not.
      As such, you need to weigh all available neurosurgical advice and decide on treatment without too much delay. You may wish to consider getting a second surgical opinion.

      All the best.

      • John Yap says:

        Dear Dr. Lee,
        I called your Pantai Bangsar clinic yesterday afternoon and your assistant mentioned the clinic hour is 11am to 1pm every Mon, Wed and Fri for new patient. Today I just received the existing doctor referral letter and my wife dropped by your clinic to make an appointment. However the assistant mentioned you no longer take anymore new patient as you will be leaving on Thursday until you return from conference by 5 April. Can I seek for your blessing just to take a look at the condition of my wife on your tomorrow clinical hour? Please help us as we are desperately seeking for second opinion.

  65. Abdul Faruf says:

    Dear Doctor,
    I am 55 yesrs old and diabetic. Lately, my feet has become ultra sensitive and I can’t balance myself while walking.I need to hold on to someone or something while walking.Appreciate your advice on which specialist I should consult with regards to my condition. I contracted Polio at the age of three( Left arm & Right leg).
    Thank You.

    • mkleeneuro says:

      Dear Encik Faruf, the symptoms could suggest neuropathy. This could be due to diabetes or another (unrelated) cause. Please consult your physician or diabetic specialist for assessment. If there is any doubt, you may be advised to have a neurologist’s opinion.

      Best wishes.

  66. selvi says:

    doctor my daughter age is 17 and she having headache.we thought this is cause of eye problem so we went thru optometrist but still the pain is there. so we dont know wat is the actual cause.what should i do in this case???? i need your assistance.your cooperation on this matter is highly appreciated.thank you.

    • mkleeneuro says:

      Dear Selvi, there are several causes of headache, such as migraine, and most are not dangerous. Your daughter should have an assessment by your family doctor, who will treat accordingly, and perhaps advise specialist consultation if it is necessary. Best wishes.

  67. Sumon says:

    Sir iam email form bangladesh my brother problem pitutary micro adenoma i am intestet malaysian tretment plase help me

    • mkleeneuro says:

      Dear Sumon, thank you for your enquiry. We need more clinical details on your brother’s case before any advice can be offered. Best regards.

  68. Noor says:

    My father is a 53 year old man. On the forth of July 2012, he fell on the ground and his heart stopped and then we directly took him to the hospital and it took us 30 min to reach it. the doctors saved his life and brought him back to life. But then the doctors informed us that there will be brain damage as he remained with out oxygen for about 3o min. However the doctors made some tests for him such as CT scan and EEG test ( i have to tell you that my father is still unconscious) the first CT scan for his brain showed that about 70% of his brain is damaged and the EEG test showed no response to any kind of stimulation, pain, calling the patient, punching him, and others. but i demanded a second test and a second scan. the scan was totally different because the neurologist responsible for my father condition said that the brain structure is good and it doesn’t show any kind of damages except a very small spot that he said it is not important. but the EEG test show almost the same result, and the doctor said that the function is not very well and the brain is not functioning good. Another thing is that the second day after the accident my father started to open his eyes but involuntary, and then he started to respond for pain in his left side and another thing is that nowadays he is moving all of his body hands,legs, head and eyes. also he is coughing and yawning and his movements are very intensive and he seems like he is in pain or something like this. and till now we are talking with him and we always ask him to open his eyes and grip our hands and like those demands but no response.
    the doctor actually tells us always that these movements are involuntary and the brain is not responsible for them. Therefore I am asking for your opinion about my father condition and i would be pleased if you can visit him in Gleneagles Kuala Lumpur Hospital in JLN Ampang.
    we would like to know what is your opinion.
    and i would be please to give you my phone number to contact me.
    Thank you for your help and association.

    yours faithfully

    Noor Alali

    • mkleeneuro says:

      Dear Noor, further to our previous discussions via your personal email, I would like to convey our best wishes for a positive outcome for your father in this difficult time for your family.

  69. Yee says:

    My mother is a 55 year old woman. She was told to have the frontal lobe dementia few months ago. I would like to see Dr MK Lee for further confirmation regarding my condition. Does she have any clinic hours at Sunway Medical Center or just Alpha Specialist Center? Thank you.

  70. Mrs Kay SCALES says:

    I am a 67 year old woman who has suffered with migraines all my life .I am on topamax and veracaps to prevent the migrains without success.I take imigram when I have the migrain .I would like to see a neurologist about having botox for the pain. I will be in KL next week 4th to 7 th oct .Could you tell me how long the botex lasts and the price please . Thank you Kay

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