Articles and Interviews


The Star Archive:

  1. Parkinson’s disease – Exciting new treatments, The Star “Fit 4 Life” series, 22 February 2004
  2. Asian Stroke, The Star “Fit 4 Life” series, 6 March 2005
  3. I feel the earth move, The Star “Fit 4 Life” series, 18 September 2005 (on Vertigo)
  4. My feet can’t stop moving, The Star “Fit 4 Life” series, 3 September 2006 (on Restless Legs Syndrome)
  5. What a brain!, The Star “Fit 4 Life” series, 29 April 2007 (on maintaining cognitive function)
  6. Protect your brain, The Star “Fit 4 Life” series, 8 March 2009
  7. Why do I feel numb, The Star “Fit 4 Life” series 4 October 2009 (on nerve disorders)
  8. Talking in your sleep, The Star “Fit 4 Life” series 28 February 2010 (on sleep disorders)
  9. Avoiding dementia, The Star “Fit 4 Life” series 15 April 2012 (on preserving your brain function)
  10. Headaches in Primary Care Practice in Malaysia – Medical Tribune October 2013


Interview on Epilepsy:

Dr. Lee Moon Keen speaks on BFM Radio about how the brain works as far as epilepsy is concerned, the different types of epilepsy, living with epilepsy and whether it’s safe for an epileptic woman to start a family.

  1. Wanita mudah kena sakit kepala, Harian Metro 24 Mei 2006 Metro Harian article
  2. Awasi Tanda-Tanda Strok, Utusan Malaysia, 09 Julai 2008
  3. Demensia boleh dielak, Utusan Malaysia, 26 Mei 2009
  4. Brain Attacks, New Straits Times, 05 August 2009
  5. When life’s a headache, New Straits times 25 August 2010 NST Interview
  6. Are You Wearing Out Your Memory Before 30? 4 November  2014 pdf file

  7. Neurofibromatosis.  A hereditary condition associated with nerve sheath tumours and markers on the skin.  BFM Interview

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