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Alpha Specialist Centre

M K Lee Neuro Clinic

Alpha Specialist Centre Suite 9
25-31 Jalan PJU 5/6
Dataran Sunway, Kota Damansara
47810 Petaling Jaya, MALAYSIA
Tel: +603-6141 8533
Fax: +603-6141 8532
email: mkleeneuro@gmail.com

23 Responses to Our Location

  1. Joshua says:

    Hi Dr Lee,

    My shoulder feel very tight and very pain. I had went to do MRI but everything is okay. I just want to ask Dr any advice for me as I really feel very pain.

    • mkleeneuro says:

      Dear Joshua, Shoulder pain may be due to inflammatory nerve conditions but an even more likely cause is shoulder injury. The latter is not excluded by normal MRI scan. A proper orthopaedic assessment will help to determine if you have a nerve condition or shoulder injury.

  2. kiasuching says:

    Dear Dr Lee,

    I am Lu. 3 months ago, while i doing a yoga backbend i hurt my trapezius and later was told by gp itvaffected my neck. I have very limited neck movement for a week. I went for a physio and was hooked with a mobilizer that vibrates and next day i had a vertigo for few days. Subsequently i have imbalance and found difficulty in focusing at night for 2 months now. Just few days ago, i tried to massage my traps and neck using Osim, and next day when i lied on my head, the vertigo is back! I feel extremely miserable and wonder what would recommend me to do next. Also, does your practice looks into such problem, as i have a feeling it is related to my traps and neck.

    • mkleeneuro says:

      Dear Lu

      It is not possible to speculate without going through a clinical evaluation. Your symptoms may not even be related to the yoga posture. Do see your GP for a repeat examination. He/she will assess whether you need referral for tests or specialist opinion.

      Best wishes.

  3. Suyee ng says:

    Dear Dr Lee,
    My left upper back thigh was in pain (internally) like burn. But the external skin was good. I didn’t not expose to any burnt or excessive exercise. Even now siting down or in touch with the area. It was pain. Need your kind help for this injury that has been 1 months plus. Thank you very much.

    • mkleeneuro says:

      Dear Ms Ng
      Skin sensitivity may be due to various conditions. In the thigh area, incubating shingles infection and pinched nerve are common causes.
      You should see your family doctor for clinical evaluation so that appropriate treatment can given.
      Best wishes.

  4. samuel says:

    hi Doc

    my grandma has been diagnosed with parkinson for few years now. we are looking for a good medicine to help slow down, reverse or probably stop her shakiness. would it be a good idea to bring her to your centre?


    • mkleeneuro says:

      Dear Samuel

      There are a number of effective medications for Parkinson’s Disease. You could consult any neurologist for this.

      In case of enquiry, please contact my staff as provided in your personal email.

      Kind regards.

  5. Chloe Teoh says:

    Dear Ms.M.K.Lee,

    My eldest brother who is 37yrs old have palmar hyperdrosis problem since he was young. He would like to seek for medical treatment/operation to cure this as this problem caused him a lots of headaches. I not too sure whether we should consult a neurosurgery doctor go for others. Would you please give us some advises here? If you’re the right channel, then we would like to make an appointment with u. We hope to hear from you soon.

    Best regards,

    • mkleeneuro says:

      Dear Chloe

      Severe palmar hyperhidrosis can be controlled with Endoscopic thoracic sympathectomy (ETS). Pls see your email for a personal response.

  6. Nicole says:

    Dear Dr Lee

    My son is 6 now, after consult with the Pediatrician, they told me is tics, or Tourette syndrome. He clear his throat before, then change to eyes blinking, and now is shaking head. Kindly advise.

    • mkleeneuro says:

      Dear Nicole

      Your child’s paediatrician may have advised on a period of observation to assess your child’s progress. At this age, a large proportion of tics are self-limiting and turn out to be Transient Tic Disorder, which generally disappears within a year. It is advisable not to over-emphasise the tic behaviour and to refrain from ridicule and strict orders to behave. If the tics are persistent, your paediatrician will probably advise consultation with child neurologist.

  7. Long says:

    Dear Dr Lee,

    My father who is 61 years old experience weakness on both upper and lower limbs for almost one month. He can’t even tear open a plastic wrap for food. He had a history of fall before the incident and was fully recovered and do not feel any pain. However, after the recovery, he realized that his hands and legs are weak and couldn’t work as previously. Should he consult a neurologist for a check up? Kindly advise. Thank you.

    • mkleeneuro says:

      Dear M Long

      Yes, your father should see a doctor very soon. There are several reasons for weakness of limbs in a senior, including aggravation of neck compression from bone spurs due to a bad fall.

      Best wishes.

  8. Lee YN says:

    Dear Dr Lee,

    My daughter was on board last week to Bali, and when the flight touched the ground i discovered only one side of her face lifted when she laugh. I am concerned if it were a light stroke.

    Please advise.

    Thank you

    • mkleeneuro says:

      Dear M Lee

      Your daughter needs a clinical evaluation by a doctor in order to arrive at a diagnosis and to formulate recommendation for any treatment if needed.

      Best wishes.

  9. Joey Lui says:

    Dear Dr. Lee,

    I am 32 years old this year. I had started to have migraine few years ago, but recently I noticed it triggers more often. I had been very discipline on avoiding food which triggers migraine. I also went to the GP for some medication for migraine. I usually will see some flashing lights on my vision and the pain would start to come slowly and becoming severe till I feel nausea. I am not sure it is a common migraine or I should consult a neurologist for a check up. Kindly advise. TQ.

    • mkleeneuro says:

      Dear Joey

      On the face of it, your symptoms are suggestive of classical migraine. However, if you feel it is more frequent and/or altered in features, you should consult your GP for reassessment. The next steps might be better management of trigger factors, or more comprehensive migraine therapy. If your doctor feels specialist opinion is needed, then you could consult a neurologist.

      Best wishes.

  10. mkleeneuro says:

    Dear Janice

    Pain in the lower limbs may be due to a variety of causes:
    bone and joint disorders
    abnormal muscle tone – e.g. Parkinson’s disease, spasticity, dystonia
    peripheral nerve disorders – e.g. neuropathy, Restless legs syndrome

    She could be assessed initially by a neurologist or joint specialist in order to pin-point the source of the pain.

    Best wishes.

  11. Ms. Gan (Mother) says:

    Dear Ms.M.K.Lee
    My son who is 6 years old recently shaking of head for some times and he often complains right sided headache and neck pain after he got knock on his back head. Please give your advice.

    • mkleeneuro says:

      Dear Ms Gan

      From the information provided, it is not possible to arrive at a diagnosis or to formulate advice. The first step is to get your son checked by the Paediatrician.

      Best wishes.

  12. Chong says:

    Hi I,m Chong here. Is with regards to my wife implication as she is attracting Vascular DAVF Dural artery Venus Fistulae. She is taking pain killer now such as Arcoxia 1 tablet once a day, Panadeine 2 tablets twice a day, Ultracet 1 tablet twice a day, Neurontin 1 tablet twice a day and Methycobal 500mg 1 tablet twice a day recently but the pain still can’t stop prescribe by TMC doctor and pharmacist. The pain is on the left side of the face internally.
    We try to call for appointment today but is not open. Is the medicine too strong for her to take or rather is there any other medicine that can recommend to replace them to stop the pain?

    • mkleeneuro says:

      Dear Mr Chong

      Your wife needs a clinical evaluation before appropriate medication can be prescribed. Please consult your doctor for review of her dosages and formulations.

      Best wishes.

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