About Dr. Lee Moon Keen

MBBS (Malaya), Dip Clinical Neurology (London), FRCP (Edinburgh), Fellow, Academy of Medicine, Malaysia

Consultant Neurologist and Movement Disorders Specialist

Dr Lee Moon Keen is a Consultant Neurologist who was trained at the University of Malaya and later at the Institute of Neurology, University of London, through the Chevening Scholarship of the British High Commission. She lectured at the University of Malaya until 1994, after which she commenced private practice.

Dr Lee’s main interest is in Movement Disorders, including Parkinson’s disease. She is Director of the Sunmed Functional Surgery Team which performed the first Parkinson’s Surgery for Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) in Malaysia in February 2003 at Sunway Medical Centre.

Dr Lee is a Founder Member of the Malaysian Society of Neurosciences and has served as Vice-President.  She is adviser to the Movement Disorders Council of which she was a founding member.

As a Fellow of the Academy of Medicine of Malaysia, Dr Lee is a member of the Neurology Credentialling Committee for the National Specialist Register.  She has served on the Subcommittee for Strategic Planning as well as various expert committees for drafting Clinical Practice Guidelines on Parkinson’s Disease, Stroke and Brain Death Certification. For the Malaysian Medical Council, she worked with the guideline on Good Medical Practice.  Dr Lee served on the expert panel of the “Asian Parkinson Disease Network Meeting” in Tokyo in May 2015.

Dr Lee has published research in Movement Disorders, Deep Brain Stimulation, Stroke and Muscular Dystrophy.  She is an occasional reviewer for articles on Neuromodulation.


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Lecture “DBS Programming – Tuning the Brain” was delivered at the 3rd Malaysian Movement Disorders Teaching Course, November 18-19, 2016 in Penang

Dr M K Lee spoke on programming the stimulator for patients who have undergone Deep Brain Stimulation.  The audience was reminded of the sustained benefit which has been documented in long term studies of patients treated since the 1990’s.  Practice points gained from our own experience since launching the Sunway DBS programme in 2003 were presented.

Review article published: Asian perspectives on the recognition and management of levodopa ‘wearing-off’ in Parkinson’s disease


Asian perspectives on the recognition and management of levodopa ‘wearing-off’ in Parkinson’s disease

Dr Lee Moon Keen co-authored this article in Expert Review of Neurotherapeutics which discusses the difficult management of “wearing-off” in Parkinsons’ Disease.


Asian perspectives on the recognition and management of levodopa ‘wearing-off’ in Parkinson’s disease

Headaches in Primary Care Practice – Article published in Medical Tribune October 2013

Update article on Headaches was published in the Medical Tribune:

Headaches in Primary Care Practice in Malaysia – Medical Tribune October 2013

BFM: The Business Radio Station – Neurofibromatosis

BFM: The Business Radio Station – Neurofibromatosis.

Dr Lee Moon Keen was interviewed on the topic of Neurofibromatosis, a hereditary condition associated with nerve sheath tumours and markers on the skin, in the form of cafe au lait spots and armpit freckles.  Medical, genetic and social aspects of the condition were discussed.


Deep Brain Stimulation Surgery for Parkinson’s Disease – Our experience over 10 years

<div><a href=”http://ebookbrowse.com/malaysian-experience-in-deep-brain-stimulation-for-parkinson-s-disease-long-term-results-pdf-d168742596″>malaysian experience in deep brain stimulation for parkinson s disease long term results pdf</a></div><div><div style=”font-size:12px;padding:5px 0 12px;”>View more  <a href=”http://ebookbrowse.com/malaysian-experience-in-deep-brain-stimulation-for-parkinson-s-disease-long-term-results-pdf-d168742596&#8243; target=”_blank” >ebooks</a> on <a href=”http://ebookbrowse.com&#8221; target=”_blank” >ebookbrowse.com</a></div> </div>